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The First Meeting of 2004.

This was on Wednesday, 24th March 2004 at 8PM in the Church Meeting Room.

Peter Turrell presented an excellent illustrated talk entitled "Marconi 1898 to 1937"

Peter produced many early etchings & photographs of Marconi and his equipments. Originally the Italian Government was not interested but his Mother was a Jameson (of whisky fame) and arranged for him to see William Preece, Chief Engineer of the GPO in England. Preece could see potential in the "wireless" equipment which Marconi had produced and encouraged him. Chelmsford was selected and Marconi set up in an old silk factory but in 1912 moved to a purpose built factory.
Many slides were shown of Marconi's early equipment mounted on a horse, motor cycle side car and even a bus which used to travel to the top of Danbury Hill to transmit a test signal.

Peter & Curt

Curt Brown, Chairman seated looking a Peter Turrell lecturing.
Photograph taken by John Bowen

Slides were shown of early Broadcasting from Writtle, The Strand and then of Television from Alexander Palace.
Pictures were shown of Sattelite Earth Stations (Engineers involved with the design & erection of which were in the audience) in Hong Kong and Madley in the UK.

Some of the large audience

Some of the large audience.

Peter talking to Norman

Peter talking to Norman Barlett, Secretary of the Danbury Society during the refreshment break.

After the tea, coffee and beautiful cakes & biscuits provided by Ivy Hare and assisted by Jean Brown & Glad Deamer, Peter told a number of stories with contributions from the audience.

Peter told the audience about the Chelmsford Borough Council's Science & Industry Museum at Sandford Mill. This now houses the Marconi Hut which was originally at Writtle where the "Two Emma Tock" experimental "broadcast" transmissions were made.
Sandford Mill is open to the public from 2 to 5 pm, on every Sunday in August, 2004. Entrance & parking is FREE. There is a lot to see with plenty for the children to fiddle with (safely!).

The BBC 2 TV antique programme "Flog-It" visited the Museum and recorded a show which was transmitted on 13th April, 2004.

For more details click on the following Web Site:- and Click on "Past Events & Sandford Mill" and then browse, as required.

A superb Meeting - thank you Peter for bringing History to life.

The Spring Walk

This was on Sunday, 9th May 2003.

32 persons plus 4 dogs assembled in the Community Centre Top Car Park at 2.15pm.

It rained in the morning but by the time to set off it was cloudy but dry. The walkers threaded there way via Lingwood Common to Blakes Wood to see the Bluebells.

Because of the type of weather this year the Bluebells were just past their peak - a week earlier would have been better. They still smelt divine.

Unfortunately, the Web Editor forgot to take his camera to record the event!. If the person(s) who did take some pictures like to send them in - they will be published here.

Thank you David & Wendy for the walk; hope David gets over the Shingles soon.

The Annual Coach Outing - Saturday, 10th July 2004.

This year it was to Windsor and Windsor Castle.

We left Danbury, Mayes Lane Car Park on the dot of 8.30am and return to Danbury at about 7.30pm. The travel was very kind to us - all the hold-ups were in the opposite direction!.
As is usual we left Danbury in the sun & ran into cloud but it did not rain until we were inside the Castle - then the heavens opened.

The Changing of the Guard
The Changing of the Guard. Note the rain clouds in the distance.
Photos by John using a throw away camera

The rebuilt Hall is simply wonderful if not a bit "over the top". All the Staff were very obliging & helpful.

The Keep
The Keep.

As there is no food served (to us) in the Castle we made our way either back to the coach to pick up picnics or to local resturants to have lunch.

Again it rained but after lunch the sun came out while we enjoyed a river trip.

Windsor Castle from  the boat
Windsor Castle from the boat.

Danbury Society Members on the boat

Danbury Society Members on the boat
Danbury Society Members on the boat.

After a trip around the shops & market it was time to climb back on our nearly new bus and head for home, in another thunder storm. We got to Danbury where it had been dry all day.

A jolly good outing - thank you David Bolwell for organising it.

The Annual Art Exhibition.

This was held over the Bank Holiday Weekend, Friday the 27nd to Sunday the 29th August.

The Danbury Society 2003 Art Show was headed by Glad Deamer and her band of willing helpers. She had graciously agreed to organise the 2004 event.

Approx 440 original oil, watercolour, silk & pastel paintings were on show varying in price from £15 to £700. The usual very high standard was displayed with a number of local Danbury scenes and those of Maldon, Thames Barges and Sailing Boats.  Venice and Malta also featured along with many beautiful cats, dogs and horses.

2004 Art Exhibition from the entrance doors

2004 Art Exhibition from the entrance doors

There was a Raffle and a lovely display of flowers by Jean Brown & Margaret Whitehead.

2004 Art Exhibition from the stage

2004 Art Exhibition from the stage

We had what we really wanted - dry periods but with a forcaste of rain - this way people came to us in Danbury instead.   It was also a very good social event with near neighbours talking for the first time this year - the car is the conversation killer!.

There were plenty of Red Dots indicationg the painting was sold and many portfolios were also sold.

While visiting Danbury Art Show people visited Eves Corner pond and sat in the seat in memory of Mrs Allpress who donated so much of her time to the Village functions.   Some then took a snack, a real cup of tea, coffee & cakes from the "Tea on the Green" nearby.

Local builders of quality, Bakers of Danbury collected & returned the Art display screens - our grateful thanks to their helpful drivers.

Danbury Palace - The end of an era.

Andrew Martin Associates have been retained to advise Anglia University on the most cost effective disposal option for the Palace now that it is not required.

Click below to view more details.

The Autumn Meeting.

This was an illustrated talk by Peter Woolstenholme entitled "Everest, Nepal and the Himalayan Trust".

Mr Woolstenholme first enchanted the audience with breathtaking pictures of Everest as he climbed part of the way up in 2002.

He then explained how Sir Edmund Hillary & Sherpa Tensing became involved with the Himalayan Trust which has donated 1/2 £Million to the villages immediately below Everest.

He showed slides of the villages, schools & Monasteries which The Trust supports & the people in them.

Mr Woolstenholme & David Bolwell.

Mr Woolstenholme & David Bolwell looking at a map of Everest.

Mrs Woolstenholme holding a tapestry of Everest.

Mrs Woolstenholme holding a tapestry of Everest.

During the break, Ivy Hare & Pauline Bowen supplied excellent refreshments. Thank you both.

After the break Mr Woolstenholme answered many questions. Another superb presentation.

The Autumn Walk

This took place on Sunday, 24th of October

20 + Members met in the Top Car Park at 2.15PM.

The walkers before they set off
The walkers before they set off.
Photograph by John using a Cannon A75 digital camera

Wendy and David Moore led a select band of walkers and a well behaved dog on the final Walk of the year.

The previous day was foul with high winds & rain but the wind dropped to a normal breeze & the sun came out. The shade temperature was 16 degrees C but felt much warmer in the sun. The day was ideal for a walk. David went on Danbury Walk Number 1 to include Thrift's Wood, slightly modified to see the Autumn tints. It was scheduled to be about 5 miles.

The Annual General Meeting

This was held on TUESDAY, 23rd November at 8pm, in The Village Hall at Eve's Corner.

At the AGM, Mr Curt Brown was re-elected as Chairman.
After, Mr R Crouch presented a very interesting Talk entitled "I built Ships for Swan Hunter and Hyundai".

He explained how he designed ships until the British ship-building industry collapsed mainly due to lack of investment & good Management. He then went to work for a number of overseas companies. He was involved with producing Under Sea Pipe-laying Barges which floated well down in the water and 4,000 Tonne lifting capacity cranes mounted on barges. These are used to recover sunken ships.

He told numerous stories about who owns what - quite a revelation.
Mr Crouch showed a number of persons in the audience some of the involved design drawings of projected he was involved with - facinating.

Thank you very much for an interesting evening.

After the presentation the audience enjoyed soft drinks, wine & cheese with the Danbury Society Committee.

Christmas Carols around the Tree at Eve's Corner.

This took place on Wednesday 15th December at 8.00pm. 7 Members of the Salvation Army attended and produced their excellent "Silver Band" music.

The Christmas Trees was provided from the Little Baddow Fruit Farm and erected by a happy band of volunteers under the guidance of Dave Bolwell, recently back from Australia. Groundsman, Robin assisted with his tractor.

As the tree had a better shape but was not so heavy as we have had it soon went up. Arthur Allen had the right knack of taking off the caps to replace those bulbs which had blown - including the one on the very top! Well done Arthur & thank you.

With 40 lights the tree looked good in the dark.

On Wednesday evening, Eddie produced a battery of equipment including a radio microphone & a 600 Watt amplifier & Speakers.

The night proved relatively mild at 10 degrees C & dry inspite of dire warnings to the opposite by all Met Persons in the Media.

Well over 100 people turned out & enjoyed a good selection of Carols & Readings.

Afterwards 55 + persons walked up to the URC Meeting Room to be given a glass of hot, non-alcoholic Mulled Wine served by Pauline Bowen. Then they all had a cup of tea/coffee & Mince Pies made by the Ladies of the local Churches - well done & thank you.

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