The Danbury Society
Registered Charity No. 283898

The Danbury Society is a village conservation Society located in
Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

The Danbury Society in 2005
  • Details of the road works on the A414 through Danbury with maps & photos.

  • The First Meeting of 2005.

    This was held on 23rd March 2005 in the Church Meeting Room.

    Ex Polic Inspector Vic Botterill was to have talked about "Body Language".
    Unfortunately, he was ill in hospital - we wish him well.

    Chairman, Curt Brown arranged at the last minute for Mr David Render to come from London instead.

    David stood up & said "I am going to talk about Competition Racing Cars I have owned". A groan came from some of the ladies present but most of the men were fascinated.

    He then switched on his projector and showed a slide of an Austin 7 in which he learnt to drive at the age of 5 in 1929 - we were hooked.

    In all he had owned 29 racing cars of one description or another & had visited many parts of the World driving them. Slides were shown of the Esplande, Brighton where he took part in Time Trials, Prescott in Gloucestershire, Guernsey, Brookwood and many other well known racing circuits.

    Formula 1 with Davis Render at the wheel
    Formula 1 with Davis Render at the wheel

    He also got involved in Hill Climbing with Colin Chapman & Graham Hill to name drop but two.

    A facinating evening which most of the ladies even enjoyed.

    Afterwards, superb tea/coffee & cakes were presented by Ivy Hare & Jean Brown & Helpers. Thank you all for a superb evening.

    Thursday 21st April 2005.

    Open Invitation to look at old photographs of Danbury taken between 1936 & 1942.
    This was held in Danbury Village Hall.

    The idea was for all older people who lived in Danbury 60 years ago to come & see the photographs, meet old & make new friends.

    The photographs are owned by Mr Paul Elliot who has relations who live in Danbury. The Essex Chronicle was in attendance.

    To make the event more interesting Malcom Reid brought along his computer loaded with a copy of the 1891 Census and was able to tell people who lived where then.

    Mr Gurling brought along some of his old pictures.
    Some old picture-postcards by Mr Salmon were also displayed by visitors.

    It is thought about 100 people attended and at least a dozen people met for the first time in some 60 years.

    To assist with the chat, light refreshments were provided by Mrs Holmes for the Danbury Society. A first class event well written up in the Essex Chronicle the next week. Mr Ivar Ewers wrote a nice "Letter to the Editor" saying how much he enjoyed it. Thank you.

    John Bowen, Organiser would like to thank David Bolwell, Joan & Colin Page, Phil Watts and all those who attended and worked to make the event the success it was.

    Click below for a photographic Report of the afternoon.

  • Exhibition of Old Photographs of Danbury - April 2005

  • The Spring Walk

    This was on Sunday, 15th May 2005.

    The party met at the Community Centre Top Car Park.

    It was a nice day and was a good walk. The Bluebells in Blake's Wood this year were the tallest ever. Heights of over 1 ft 6 ins have been measured.

    The Annual Coach Outing - Saturday, 25th June.

    This year it was to Wakehurst Place, Millenium Seed Bank and Chartwell.

    30 Members and friends of the Society set out on an overcast but mild day. On arrival at Wakehurst Place they had a guided tour of the extensive grounds by a member who explained that it was run by the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew as their "country garden" where plants could be displayed in a much larger and more natural environment than at Kew.

    Wakehurst Place Wakehurst Place
    Wakehurst Place & garden.

    It is also the home of the Seed Bank, a recent project in which seeds from all over the world are stored in a benign environment in which it is hoped they would be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

    Wakehurst Place
    Wakehurst Place garden.

    The gardens were kept in an immaculate state. When asked how this was achieved the guide said that the estate employed 23 gardeners!

    After lunch the party drove to Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill.

    Chartwell - National Trust.

    The house is open now as a museum by the National Trust and the gardens, with their beautiful vista over the weald of Kent, are being restored to as they were in the time of Churchill. Most of the party agreed that the display of memorabilia in the house, spanning two World Wars, was excellent. Apparently Chartwell is one of the most popular venues of the National Trust and is was easy to see the reasons for this. The party finally left Chartwell and arrived back around 7p.m. after a long but very enjoyable day

    Thanks to David Bolwell for arranging this Outing.

    The Annual Art Exhibition.

    This was held over the Bank Holiday Weekend, Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th August.

    The Danbury Society Annual Art Show was headed by Glad & John Deamer and her band of willing helpers.

    450 original oil, watercolour, silk & pastel paintings were on show varying in price from 15 to 450. The usual very high standard was displayed with a number of local Danbury scenes and those of Maldon, Thames Barges and Sailing Boats along with many beautiful cats, dogs and horses.

    Art Exhibition Helpers

    What the public do not normally see is the hard work which The Danbury Society put in to stage the Art Show. Those who put up the stands on Thursday, 25th August 2005 included from left to right: - Dave Bolwell, Curt Brown (seated), John Deamer - Organiser, David Bunn and Dennis Wickett, designer and constructor of the End Stand Display. Dennis has assembled his "work of art" for many years but is soon to move out of the area. His expertise will be missed. Thank you Dennis & Carol for your support over the years. Also helping were Philip Watts, Michael Blackwell, Ian Shipton & John Bowen who took this picture.

    There was a Raffle and a lovely display of flowers by Jean Brown & Margaret Whitehead.

    2005 Art Exhibition Pre-View

    Artists and Newsletter Distributors at the Pre-view.
    Glad & John Deamer, Organisers are to the right.
    Norman Gray, wearing a blue shirt, painted the righthand picture which was sold just after the photograph was taken.

    While visiting the Art Show people visited Eve's Corner pond and sat in the new seat in memory of Mrs Allpress who gave so much of her time to Village functions.

    Many also enjoyed a real cup of tea, coffee & cakes from the "Tea on the Green" which is the right hand part of the pink shops (below).

    Eve's Corner Pond with water.

    Thanks to Andrew Vale of Essex County Council for arranging CBC to clean out the Silt Traps & jet the feed pipes to the Pond.
    With the 50mm of rain in the past few days the Pond has now water in it, much to the pleasure of the Ducks & Frogs.

    Art Show
    Photograph taken towards the closing of the Art Show on Sunday evening. This is when the purchasers collect their works of Art to taken them home and display them for the family to see.

    Bakers of Danbury, from Eves Corner collected & returned the Art display screens - our grateful thanks to their helpful driver, Steve Cole who's professionalism & knowledge of his lorry was appreciated. The Danbury Society would like to thank the many helpers who made this, the 33rd Art Show, so succesful.

    The Autumn Meeting.

    This was on Wednesday, 21st September in the Church Meeting Room.

    Chairman Curt Brown introduced Mr Frank Batey who said he was going to tell how "He went around the World twice".

    Frank Batey by his map

    Frank said that he entertained using a cargo ship but found it was too dear so he decided to use P&O - and he could not speak too highly of them.


    For his first cruise he went on the Aurora, a new super-liner whose first port was Maderia as there was deep anchorage in Funchal harbour. They then travelled across the Atlantic to Antiga and hence to the Panama Canal, the size and build quality impressed him. It runs North/South & is 55 miles long and fed with fresh water from a lake.

    Map of the Panama Canal

    Having arrived in the Pacific they cruised up & down the American seaport before crossing the Ocean to Australia, New Zealand. Then on to Japan, China & India, all the time relating interesting comments of events which happened at the many ports of call.

    Suez, Athens and Barcelona (which he liked very much) and home.
    92 days & 37,000 miles & he loved every bit of it except when he felt home sick for a couple of days in Australia!

    As Frank said "having done it, that was it - until he saw another World trip on the Oriana going the other way - which is better - time is with you".


    Frank then related more stories of this trip - using his map to guide the traveller.

    A facinating evening, well presented by an interesting person - thank you Frank Batey.

    The Trafalgar Beacon

    This was on Saturday, 22nd October

    It was a "Bring a Bottle & Dish to share supper" at the Church Meeting Room.

    The assebled audience looked at some "Old Pictures of Danbury and Danbury Palace". However as over 2000 babies were born in the Palace during WWII and were invited to join Danbury people for this celebration, chat was more the order of the day.

    There was a lovely spread and when the Police turned up we all walked around the hill to see the Beacon being lit.

    A good evening during which a lot of friendships were made. Thank you Caroline Lambert for organising it & to your Husband & Groundsman, Robin for preparing the Beacon.

    The Autumn Walk

    This was on Sunday, 23rd October

    Members met in the Top Car Park. A report maybe provided here later.

    The Annual General Meeting

    This was on Tuesday, 22nd November in The Village Hall at Eve's Corner.

    The AGM reported the year's happenings & gave a good financial report.
    Bob Booker, Treasurer, said that the Society was restricted in allocating funds and therefore requested the Meeting agree to an additional Object in it's Constitution "To involve the residents of Danbury in interests and pursuits to enrich Village Life". This was unanimously carried.
    The Committee was re-elected on block.

    Danbury Society Committee 2005-6
    Danbury Society Committee 2005-6.
    Left to right:- Norman Barlett, Secretary; Dave Bolwell, Conservation & Outings; Bob Booker, Treasurer; Curt Brown, Chairman; John Deamer, Newsletter Member & Philip Watts, Planning.

    Mr Nick Wickenden then gave a slide presentation to a small but very apprecitive audience entitled "The History of Hylands House".

    He traced the history from the 1750 to date in a very interesting and profession way using many slides he had taken along the way.

    Hylands House.
    Hylands House, now symmetrical (East & West Wings)

    Hylands House is now owned by Chelmsford Borough Council who have in September 2005 completed a 7 Million refurbishment programme.

    Hylands House.
    Hylands House, Banqueting Suite

    It is now used for many events, including Weddings.

    Hylands House.
    Hylands House, a lovely wedding venue.
    Photograph by Nigel Bowen Photography

    After the presentation the audience enjoyed soft drinks, wine & cheese with the Danbury Society Committee.

    Nick rounded off the evening by answering a number of questions and agreed to arrange a visit by The Danbury Society at some future date. Many members of the audience said that they were interested - Curt Brown to arrange.

    Thank you Nick for a most interesting and enjoyable evening.

    Christmas Carols around the Tree at Eve's Corner.

    This is NOW on Wednesday, 21st December at 8.00pm. The Chelmsford Branch of the Salvation Army are scheduled to attend.

    A tree has been kindly donated by Mrs Ooms and a strong work team assebled to bring the tree up from its present position to the lane and put it on Robin's Tractor. The Christmas Trees was then erected by the Danbury Society & lit with 40 bulbs. Dave Bolwell coordinated this task.

    Lights on the new tree.

    The tree with the 40 lights showing.
    Photos taken by John Bowen

    On a dry evening and for the time of year, warm at 8 degrees C, about 150 people gathered on Eve's Corner under the Danbury Society's Christmas Tree. Additional lighting was provided by Eddie's generator which also powered the PA system.

    Carols around the Tree
    A section of the large audience who attended.

    Carol sheets were printed by St John's Church and handed out.
    It was nice to see the Chelmsford Salvation Army in attendance.

    Short Lessons were read and a range of Carols sung.

    Carols around the Tree
    Another view of the large audience who attended.

    After the Carols were sung and a Blessing and the band played "We wish you a Merry Christmas", about 80 persons walked up to the URC Meeting Room where a glass of hot, non-alcoholic Mulled Wine was enjoyed. This was provided by John & Pauline Bowen for the Danbury Society. Ladies of the Churches provided cups of tea/coffee and lovely warm Mince Pies which were also enjoyed, while it rained a little outside - good timing!

    Thank you to Silvia and the URC Church for your hospitality.

    Please support the Danbury Society Activities

    Daffodil Planting

    The planting party (Dave Bolwell this year) has planted another few hundred Daffodils in the verges around Danbury during late October 2005.

    The problem we have is no sooner have we planted a few hundred something happens whereby they are dug up again by the Chelmsford Borough Council workmen or their Contractors doing an authorised task! This year it has been the upgrade of the A414.

    However, Mr Andrew Vale, ECC Highways, has promised the Parish Council & The Danbury Society that he will arrange to "make good" where the Daffodils do not come up in 2006 due to the A414 Up Grade. This is a very generous offer which has been readily accepted.

    David Bolwell will identify & organise the new planting areas.

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