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The Danbury Society - 2009

Illustrated Talk on "Touring Essex, Wildlife & Sailing" by Mr Brian Darby

Thursday, 19th March 2009 in the Church Meeting Room at 8 pm.

Danbury Society Treasurer, Bob Booker took the Chair as both Curt Brown & Norman Bartlett were unwell.

Brian & Chairman Bob
Brian (seated) and Bob Booker, Chairman.
Photos by John Bowen

Brian Darby is a local sailor who lives in Hullbridge.   He has travelled the coastline of Essex from the seaward side, this allowed him to investigate the inhabitants who live along our creeks and estuaries, (fish, birds, seals as well as humans).

Brian Darby
Brian Darby

Brian will present a view of Essex which we do not often see from the land side.

Thank you Brian for such an interesting evening - could you ever give up sailing?

After a lovely cup of tea/coffee and homemade cakes supplied by Ivy Hare & Jean Brown, Brian answered questions.

He was thanked by Bob & the audience showed their appreciation with a good clap.

The Spring (Bluebell) Walk

This was on Sunday, 26th April from the Community Centre Upper Car Park
at 2.15pm and was led by David & Wendy Moore.

On the same day as the Marathon in London a number of healthy Danbury Society Members met for the yearly Spring walk.

Spring Walkers
Photograph taken as the party set out.
David Moor is in the blue jersey in front & Wendy is in the red jersey.
Photo by John Bowen

David said that they would be doing 5 miles, starting on the road but then all on bridleways & paths.   It was a lovely day, sun and a little breeze.   The walk ended up by going through the "Guide Camp" to the very famous Blake's Wood to see the Bluebells which were absolutely excellent, tall and well scented this year.

An enjoyable walk - thank you David & Wendy for yet another event in the year of the Danbury Society.

The Bluebells in Blake's Wood
The Bluebells in Blake's Wood.

The 37th Annual Art Exhibition.

This will be held at the Danbury Village Hall, Eve's Corner Bank Holiday weekend, 28th, 29th & 30th August.

The Art Show Banner
The Art Exhibition Banner erected at Eve's Corner to promote the event.

The new Screens
John Deamer, designer of the new screens made by Poultons Portables of Danbury to a high standard.   Simply waiting for the 400 pictures to be hung for the start of the Art Exhibition.

The new Screens
Glad Deamer, Organiser, standing amid the Art Show.

The Village Hall
The Village Hall for those who do not know it.

Entrance will be free but a Catalogue will be charged at 1.00 (good value).

Date     Open times (Hours)
Friday August 28th       12.00 - 20.00
Saturday August 29th   10.00 - 18.00
Sunday August 30th   10.00 - 17.00

This is a highly regarded exhibition with both framed and unframed pictures for sale, many by local artist and further a field in Essex, showing different media and a variety of subjects.

Monies raised will help to promote the general charitable benefit of the inhabitants of the Danbury area.

The Danbury Society Annual Art Show will be headed by Glad & John Deamer and her band of willing helpers.   If you would care to help, please contact Glad on 01245 223106

The Autumn Meeting

Thursday, 17th September in the Church Meeting Room at 8pm when Mr Brian Billins presented his talk "Antiques in your Cupboard".

An audience of around three dozen were wondering what had happened to their speaker.   After a short delay an apologetic and flustered Brian arrived from Stanford Le Hope and was introduced by Chairman Curt Brown.

He emphasised that he was not a dealer but a collector.

Brian said that he had brought along a number of "homely items" from his own collection and would present them in reverse date order as an inter-action quiz style presentation.   Some were quite recent and the oldest was 18th century.

He started the evening off by reading some amusing quotes from Church Magazines - it is amazing what can be typed in error!

Unfortunately Antiques are "not the flavour of the Month" regarding value - that was 10 years ago.   The hope is that they will return as they were our "past valubles" and cannot be reproduced.

The Antiques Meeting
Brian standing in front of his table of Antiques.
Photo by John Bowen

Brian worked his way along the table - many lovely items 100 years old today would not fetch much above 60 to 80 - a sin when you look at the craftesmanship in them.   Some must have taken a long time to produce, paint and fire in a kiln.   Add to that a high reject ratio and it is cruel to hear the little value put on some today.

After Brian had worked his way along the table he stopped for a lovely cup of tea/coffee and cake supplied by Ivy Hare and Jean Brown.

A number of the audience produced a range of Antiques which Brian discussed with them and sometimes was able to gave his idea of a valuation.

The Antiques Meeting
Brian discussing a member of the audience's Antique item.

A very interesting evening with a good audience.

The Autumn Walk

This was on Sunday, 18th October at 2.15pm and started from the Community Centre Top Car Park.

Unfortunately David Moor had a eye operation so David Bolwell stepped in at short notice - thank you David.

About 20 walkers met on a bright afternoon for a six mile walk through the local countryside.

Autumn Walk
Walkers on the upper playing field before the Walk.
Photographs provided by David Bolwell

The route led along some of the lesser known paths in Lingwood and Blakes wood to emerge from the woods at Belle View farm where the party stopped for a refreshment break .

Autumn Walk Autumn Walk
Walkers as they climb over a stile onto Chapel Lane, Little Baddow.

The walk then continued to Chapel Lane, through the old apple orchard, Graces Lane and Elm Green Lane back to the car park .

Autumn Walk
And another stile!
The party expressed their best wishes to David Moor for a speedy recovery.

A beautiful day and a good Walk - perfect - thank you David.

The AGM and "Gardens of South Cornwall" by Mr Robin Carling.

This was on Thursday, 19th November in St John's Church Meeting Room at 8pm.

The AGM was opened by Chairman Curt Brown with Apologies for Absence, the Chairman Report, the Treasurers Report and the re-election of Officers.   Curt was Re-Elected Chairman.

Danbury Society AGM
Chairman Curt Brown.
Photographs provided by John Bowen

Under "Any Other Business", Danbury Parish Chairman, Stuart Berlyn thanked the Danbury Society for their financial support towards the Christmas Tree on Eves Corner which because of "Health & Safety" issues now has to be erected and taken down by contractors. The AGM closed at 8.30pm.

Curt then introduced Robin who used his laptop computer and digital projector to show a selection of nice photographs of seven Gardens of Cornwall.   The gardens of Cornwall are basically Spring gardens.   There they have plants that we in Essex find more difficult to grow.

The first Garden visited was the St Michael's Mount where flowers & shrubs are mainly in tiers of banks due to the terraine.

Trebah Gardens were next visited - this lies in a valley which goes down to the estuary where Americans embarked in 1944 prior to D-Day landings.

Danbury Society AGM Danbury Society AGM
Trebah Gardens.

Camelias and Rhododendrons bloom here from January onwards as they traditionally have very little frost in the sheltered valleys.

Danbury Society AGM
Trelissick Gardens

Danbury Society AGM Danbury Society AGM
A very unusaul tree made shiny by lots of people sitting on it's branches

Danbury Society AGM Danbury Society AGM
Beautiful flowers at Lamorran Gardens

Danbury Society AGM Danbury Society AGM
Entrance Gate at Lanhydrock Gardens

Danbury Society AGM Danbury Society AGM
The Museum had every kind of garden tool and implement which was produced over many years.

Danbury Society AGM
Close up of a lovely flower on a tree.

Danbury Society AGM
Sunset set - the closing photograph of the evening show.

Thank you for watching the Gardens of Cornwall and thank you Robin for sharing your photographs with us.

After the film show Members enjoyed a glass of wine/soft drinks and talked to the Danbury Society Committee.   One person drew the WebMasters attention to the "Help the Heroes" event in Chelmsford on Thursday, 3rd December.

Danbury Society AGM Danbury Society AGM
Flyer for the Council sponsored "Help the Heroes" event.

Carols Around the Christmas Tree at Eves Corner
Wednesday, 9th December, 2009 at 8pm.

Contractors obtained another nice tree from Mrs Ooms, Bakers Lane and arrange the lights.   Mrs Ooms was delighted to switch on the lights to start the proceedings.

The Tree was erected in a nice stockade and powered from the new lighting pillor.

Carols around the tree.
Christmas tree and Carol Singers illuminated at night.
Photos by David Bolwell

The Salvation Army Band travelled from Maldon to lead the Carols.   Carols were introduced by the Rev Blythe and Readings were led by each of the Churches in turn.

Powerfull flood lights from the new lighting pillor meant that the Carol sheets could be read easily.   Carols old & new were sung well by the large crowd who stood in the cold.

Carols at Christmas
Different view of the large gathering - note the flood lights illuminating the area so well.

Carols at Christmas 2009
Part of the large crowd who turned out on this cold night - but it was enjoyable.

Afterwards a large number of people walked down the slippery road to the URC Hall for hot Tea/Coffee & Mince pies served by Carolyn Lambert, Silvia Harding and helpers - thanks, it was appreciated.

The Danbury Society would like to thank the Parish Council for all the work involved in providing the Tree and to those who made the "Carols Around the Tree" such a success.

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