The Danbury Society
Registered Charity No. 283898
The Danbury Society is a village conservation Society located in
Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

The Danbury Society - 2010

Danbury had a covering of snow starting Tuesday, 5th January 2010.   Temperatures plunged to minus 7 degrees C.   The A414 remained open for most of the time due to good gritting by Essex County Council but most side roads with a slight slope became impassable for many days.   Winter continued well into March.

Danbury sign
Danbury Sign in the snow.
Photo by Colin Page, Danbury Society Member.

Eves Corner
Eves Corner in the snow.
Photo by Colin Page, Danbury Society Member.

The Danbury Society - 2010

Illustrated Talk on "Looking at Argentina" by Ms Paula Short

Wednesday, 10th March 2010 in the Church Meeting Room at 8 pm.

Chairman Curt Brown welcomed everybody and introduced Paula Short.

Paula Short
Ms Paula Short introducing her presentation.
Photos by David Bolwell

Paula Short entertained a well attended meeting with her holiday experiences in Argentina.   We were taken from the high spots of Buenos Aries to the spectacular Iguazu Falls in the north of the country, concluding with a visit to a ranch where horses were being broken in .

Paula's convivial dialogue led to an engaging meeting on a rather chilly night.

Thank you Paula for interesting presentation on a country so far away.

After a lovely cup of tea/coffee and homemade cakes supplied by Ivy Hare & Jean Brown, Paula answered questions.

She was thanked by Chairman, Curt and the audience showed their appreciation with a round of applause.

Report by David Bolwell.

The Spring (Bluebell) Walk

This was on Sunday, 25th April from the Community Centre Upper Car Park
at 2.15pm and was led by David & Wendy Moore.

On a nice sunny day the Members assembled for the Spring Walk.

Spring Walkers
Photograph taken as the party collected.
Photo by John Bowen

Spring Walkers
David Moore leading the party across the Pedestrian Crossing outside the Coop.

David said that they would be doing 5 miles, starting on the road but then all on bridleways & paths.   It was a lovely day, sun and a little breeze.   The walk ended up by going through the "Guide Camp" to the very famous Blake's Wood to see the Bluebells which were absolutely excellent, tall and well scented this year.

An enjoyable walk - thank you David & Wendy for yet another event in the year of the Danbury Society.

The 38th Annual Art Exhibition.

This will be held at the Danbury Village Hall, Eve's Corner Bank Holiday weekend, 27th, 28th & 29th August.

The new Screens
John Deamer, designer of the new screens made by Poultons Portables of Danbury.
Painters and helpers looking at the newly hung pictures at the Pre-View Show, Friday morning.

The refreshment Ladies
The refreshment Ladies who made a very nice cup of tea and coffee.

The organisers of the Art Show
The organisers of the Art Show, Glad and John Deamer.

Entrance will be free but a Catalogue will be charged at 1.00 (good value).

Art Exhibition Catalogue
The front cover of the lovely colourful Catalogue by Norman Bartlett.

This year the Exhibition had a number of larger canvases displayed in a more relaxed manner, which aided viewing - a very good show.

Date     Open times (Hours)
Friday August 27th       12.00 - 20.00
Saturday August 28th   10.00 - 18.00
Sunday August 29th   10.00 - 16.00

Monies raised will help to promote the general charitable benefit of the inhabitants of the Danbury area.

The Danbury Society Annual Art Show will be headed by Glad & John Deamer and her band of willing helpers.   If you would care to help, please contact Glad on 01245 223106

The Autumn Meeting

Thursday, 16th September in the Church Meeting Room at 8pm when Ms Josie Stephenson presented her talk "European Community".

The Autumn Walk

This was on Sunday, 17th October at 2.15pm and started from the Community Centre Top Car Park.

Unfortunately David Moor had a eye operation so David Bolwell was the Lead Walker.

About a dozen Walkers assembled at the top car park where Dave gave an introduction to the Danbury Society Walks, now published by the Borough Council.

Autumn Walk
Walkers at the upper car park listening to David Bolwell telling them about the Walk.
Photograph provided by John Bowen

It was a beautiful sunny day but a cool North Wind kept the temperature about 12 degrees.

Autumn Walk
Walkers as they prepare for the Walk.

After the photographs were taken Dave headed off in the direction of the Sandon Brook (towards Chelmsford).

Usually this walk is about the lovely colours of Danbury trees - this year the colours are very vivid and about a month earkier than last year.   Is this a bad omen for a severe Winter?

The party expressed their best wishes to David Moor for a speedy recovery.

A beautiful day and a good Walk - perfect - thank you David Bolwell.

The AGM and "The Secret Lives of UK Birds" by Mr Mike Logan-Wood.

This was on Thursday, 18th November in St John's Church Meeting Room at 8pm.

The AGM was opened by Chairman Curt Brown with Apologies for Absence, the Chairman Report, the Treasurers Report and the re-election of Officers.   Curt was Re-Elected Chairman.

Curt told the meeting that there had been a new buyer for Danbury Palace but no Planning Application had been received.   He thought they wished to build 53 houses on the site.

The Mission had been granted to build their "new Green Centre".

He regretted to tell the meeting that Phillip Watts had passed away - Phillip represented the Danbury Society on the Parish Council Planning Committee for many years and will be missed by all who knew him. The AGM closed at 8.20pm.

Curt then introduced Mike Logan-Wood who used his Kodak Carosell to show a selection of lovely photographs of birds seen in Essex but not all in our garden.

Danbury Society AGM
Curt (left) and Mike Logan-Wood.

Photos were shown of Cuckoo, Reed Bunting which serves as a nest for the Cuckoo, Red Kyte, Kingfisher, Magpie and Swan but to name a few.   Each photo was described in detail and usually with its habit and a story which made the presentation very personal.

At 9.15pm the meeting stopped for drinks and lovely cheese and a chance to have a chat with the Danbury Society Committee.

Danbury Society AGM
Chairman Curt Brown sitting to the side of the table loaded with RSPB pamphlets.

Danbury Society AGM
The table of interesting notes.

After the break, Mike showed a few more lovely photos.

He was thanked by Curt and the Meeting closed at 10.15pm. Thank you for Mike for coming to Danbury and showing us a superb photographic display of Birds in Essex.

Carols Around the Christmas Tree at Eves Corner

Wednesday, 15th December at 8pm.

The Tree was erected in a nice stockade and powered from the new lighting pillor.

Carols around the tree.
Christmas Tree
Photo by John Bowen

The Salvation Army Band travelled from Maldon to lead the Carols.