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The Danbury Society - 2012

An illustrated Talk should have taken place on "The History of Hylands House, Chelmsford" by Ms Ceri Lowen however she felt unwell so was not able to attend.

Thursday, 15th March 2012 in the Church Meeting Room.

Chairman Curt Brown informed the packed meeting that Ms Ceri was ill but Norman had stood in at the last moment to present a talk on a
"Victorian Journalist called W. T. Stead" who drowned on the RMS Titanic in 1912.

Curt Brown Curt Brown
Chairman Curt Brown introducing Norman Bartlett.
Photos by John Bowen

Norman described the career of Stead with illustrations of his campaigning style.   He was a great defender of the poor against exploitation by the rich.   He was outspoken on prostitution – not prostitutes who he saw as victims of wealthy men.

When he moved from the Northern Echo in Darlington to edit The Pall Mall Gazette in London he transformed a stodgy publication to one of the most widely read because of his campaigns and their effectiveness.   First it was slum housing, then the under-investment in the Royal Navy and then acting with the Salvation Army, he uncovered a trade in child prostitution in the London underworld.   He launched his campaign as "The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon." The public outcry was almost hysterical and the government was forced to act.   Stead ended up in jail himself for a short while but continued to edit the paper from inside prison.

He carried on his campaigns even when he left the Pall Mall Gazette and started up ‘Review of Reviews’ an illustrated monthly on the world's more significant discussions and a resume of contemporary history.   He was an Imperialist in the style of Cecil Rhodes although he did not support the Boer War.   He was also far-sighted in looking to a United States of Europe.

He was an early supporter of women, paying his lady journalists the same rate as the men.   He had always been a believer in extending to women every legal and political responsibility, as well as every right, that had been granted to men.

He was invited to the US by President William Taft to address a peace conference.   He embarked on the maiden voyage of the Titanic where he spent much time with Colonel John Jacob Astor IV, fabulously wealthy cousin of Lord Astor.

When the ship hit the iceberg both men went to their cabins to get warm clothing.   They returned the deck and waited calmly and were last seen in the water holding on to a life raft.   His body was never recovered.

The Chartered Instititute of Journalists (CIoJ) launched an appeal among its members for a memorial.   The money came in sufficient for a memorial to be placed on the Victoria Embankment and another to be erected in Central Park, New York City.

The memorial near Temple Staion is the one that our Speaker – as President of the CIoJ - would lay a wreath on 15 April 2012.

Curt thanked Norman for a most topical talk about someone he had never heard - the audience responded with a good clap.

As tea was not quite ready John Bowen told a few stories about the Wireless aspects of the RMS Titanic.

Tea/coffee was supplied by Jean Brown and Glad Deamer and was very welcomed.

A very interesting evening even though not on the topic as advertised.

The Spring (Bluebell) Walk

This was on Sunday, 6th May from the Community Centre Upper Car Park
at 2.15pm and was led by David & Wendy Moore.

Usually the Danbury Society Spring Walk is in nice sunshine but since we are in a near National "drought situation" it was steadily raining - hence it was expected that numbers would be down - even if any turned up at all!

Spring Walkers
Photograph taken just before the stout walkers set off.
Photo by John Bowen

David said that the walk would unfortunately be a bit wet and maybe slippery.   The walk went down the A414 then into Lingwood and continued until they got to the Bluebells in Blakes Wood, Little Baddow.

Due to the very dry period during March the bulbs did not completely form so they were smaller than last year but are perking up with the latest rain.

The Walk continued until they arrived on the Little Baddow Road, then back into Lingwood to arrive back in Danbury at 4.45pm.

An enjoyable walk - thank you David & Wendy for yet another event in the year of the Danbury Society.

The 40th Annual Art Exhibition.

This will be held at the Danbury Village Hall, Eve's Corner Bank Holiday weekend, 24th, 25th & 26th August.

As this is a special year for us, the first Mayor of the City of Chelmsford, Councillor Christopher Kingsley will open the exhibition.

We have another display this year of drawings and paintings by year six pupils of St John’s Primary School, and they will be joined by Danbury Park School and Heathcote School, something to look forward to.

2011 Art Show 2011 Art Show
(Left). 2011 photos.   John Deamer, co-organiser standing in the doorway looking at the Artists checking their work at the
Pre-View Show, Friday morning.   (Right) Three large paintings on the wall.

2011 Art Show 2011 Art Show
(Left) Janeve (centre) looking at her pastel painting of Wild Horses with her friends.   (Right) One of the many
lovely painting on exhibition at this years Art Show.

Entrance is free but a Catalogue will be charged at £1.00 (good value).

Date     Open times (Hours)
Friday August 24th       12.00 - 20.00
Saturday August 25th   10.00 - 18.00
Sunday August 26th   10.00 - 17.00

This is a highly regarded exhibition with both framed and unframed pictures for sale, many by local artist and further a field in Essex, showing different media and a variety of subjects.

2011 Art Show 2011 Art Show
(Left). Busy during the weekend.   (Right) The side hall had many lovely paintings in there as well.

2011 Art Show
The entrance hall busy with Art sales and Raffle sales.

Monies raised will help to promote the general charitable benefit of the inhabitants of the Danbury area.

The Danbury Society Annual Art Show will be headed by Glad & John Deamer and her band of willing helpers.

If you would care to help, erect the screens, host or invigulate please contact Glad Deamer on 01245 223106

The Autumn Meeting - Talk by G Egerton "Life of a Police Bodyguard"

Thursday, 13th September in the Church Meeting Room at 8pm.

He recalled his life in the Police, when his job was the protection of personnel (Princess Anne) when they were liable to attack.

The Autumn Walk

This was on Sunday, 14th October at 2.15pm and started from the Community Centre Top Car Park.

David and Wendy Moore led this Ramble which is designed to enjoy the colours of Autumn.

About 20 Walkers assembled at the top car park where Dave gave an introduction to the Danbury Society Walks, now published by the Borough Council.

Autumn Walk
Walkers at the half way point.
Photographs provided by Dave Bolwell

It was a beautiful sunny day.

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk
Looking at the horses

Autumn Walk
Walkers crossing the field

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk
Arrived a Danbury Lakes.
Usually this walk is about the lovely colours of Danbury trees - this year the colours are a little late - is this a good omen for a mild Winter?

A beautiful day and a good Walk - perfect - thank you David Bolwell for 2012.

Thank you Dave Bolwell for supplying such nice photographs.

The AGM followed by a Talk, the "Lost Voices of the Titanic" by William Tyler.

This was on Thursday, 15th November in St John's Church Meeting Room at 8pm.

Curt opened the AGM by welcoming the large number of Members.

Apologies for Absence were recorded, the Chairman read his Report, the Treasurer read his Report and the re-election of Officers was voted for.   Curt was Re-Elected Chairman.

Danbury Society AGM
Chairman Curt Brown presenting his Report.

Curt told the meeting that as per last year there had been a new buyer for Danbury Palace but no Planning Application had been received.   He thought they wished to build 53 houses on the site.

The Mission had now completed their "new Green Centre" which was a wonderful assett to the Village.

He said that Chase Farm had been prosecuted for tipping illegal waste.

Danbury Society AGM
Treasurer Bob Booker presenting his Report.
The AGM closed at 8.20pm.

Curt then introduced William Tyler.

As it is 100 years since 705 persons were saved from the RMS Titanic this was a topical presentation.

Our speaker recalled the people who went down with this giant ship and also ones that survived.

It was at the time an enormous news story, it also was the introduction of wireless communication by Marconi which saved lives at sea then, and many times since, when ships are in trouble.

William laid a lot of blame on the White Star Liner group for cutting back on the Lifeboats.

At 9.15pm the meeting stopped for drinks and lovely cheese and a chance to have a chat with the Danbury Society Committee.

Thank you for William for coming to Danbury and giving us a different slant onto that dreadful day which changed the course of history.

Carols Around the Christmas Tree at Eves Corner

Wednesday, 12th December 2012.

The Tree was erected in a nice stockade and powered from the new lighting pillor.

A Silver Band provided the music for the service of Carols.

Powerfull flood lights from the new lighting pillor meant that the Carol sheets could be read easily.   Carols old & new were sung well by the large crowd who stood in the cold. > Afterwards a large number of people walked down the road to the URC Hall for hot Tea/Coffee & Mince pies served by Carolyn Lambert, Silvia Harding and helpers - thanks, it was appreciated.

The Danbury Society would like to thank the Parish Council for all the work involved in providing the Tree and to those who made the "Carols Around the Tree" such a success.

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