The Danbury Society
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The Danbury Society is a village conservation Society located in
Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

The Hon. Secretary of The Danbury Society, Norman Bartlett, is running a Blog on Danbury village matters. He covers very current events and incidents that are relevant to the objects of Danbury Society.

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At present the Rejection at Appeal of the Proposed Wind Turbine at Paternoster Farm and the new Health Centre features.

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21st November 2014 Updated the Home Page to have report and photos of the AGM.

The Danbury Society - 2014

Spring Meeting.

Thursday, 20th March 2014 in the Church Meeting Room at 8.00pm.

Old Essex Houses by Dennis Hance

The Spring (Bluebell) Walk

This was held on Sunday, 11th May from the Community Centre Upper Car Park
at 2.15pm.

Usually the Danbury Society Spring Walk is in nice sunshine but with Global Warming - but this year the weather was simply dreadful!

The 42nd Annual Art Exhibition.

This was held at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre , Eve's Corner on the Bank Holiday weekend, 22nd, 23rd & 24th August.

This year the Art Exhibition was held in the more spacious lower Hall of the Sports and Social Centre - it proved easier to erect the stands, display the 260 plus paintings and provided more space to look at them.

2013 Art Show
The 2013 Art Show was at the Sports and Social Centre.

Entrance is free but a Catalogue was be charged at £1.00 (good value).

The Danbury Society Annual Art Show was headed by Glad & John Deamer who have done it for the past 11 years together with her band of willing helpers.

However, Glad would like to pass the job to someone else, PLEASE, if you would like to get involved - contact Glad Deamer on 01245 223106

The Autumn Meeting.

Thursday, 11th September in the Church Meeting Room at 8.00pm.

Getting Old Disgracefully by Chris Winter

The Autumn Walk

This was on Sunday, 19th October at 2.15pm from the Community Centre Top Car Park.

A reduced number of Walkers turned up but it was thought that many Danbury persons were preparing their garden for the forecast storm which was to hit the Country in the next few days.

Wendy and David Moore said they wondered if there was the opportunity to change the format for next year - your ideas would be welcomed.   Maybe a Walk in the morning before the effects of a Roast Dinner are felt?

Autumn Walk
Wendy and David Moore - Walk Leaders.

Autumn Walk
Walkers before they set off for the 4.5 mile walk.

The AGM which was followed by a Talk.

This was on Thursday, 20th November in St John's Church Meeting Room.

Promptly at 8pm Chairman, Curt Brown opened the meeting and welcome the large turn out.

2014 AGM
Chairman Curt Brown opening the AGM.
Next to Curt is Secretary, Norman Barlett and Committee and Membership Member, John Deamer.
Photos by John Bowen


  • 1. Apologies for Absence
  • 2. Minutes of AGM held on 21.11.2013
  • 3. Chairmanís Report and Review of the Year
  • 4. Hon. Treasurerís Report on annual accounts for year ended 30.10.2014
  • 5. Annual Election of Officers and members of Executive Committee
  • a. Chairman
  • b. Hon. Treasurer
  • c. Hon. Secretary
  • d. Members of Committee

  • 6. Appointment of Independent Examiner
  • 7. Any other business. Conclusion of the AGM.

    Curt declared that he was standing down as Chairman after 25 years and that Norman Barlett had been Proposed and Seconded and Voted in as the New Chairman to a round of applause.

    The Treasurer's Report was presented by Bob Booker and this showed a lower out goings this year due to the Danbury Society not being requested for so many donations.   The Art Show made slightly more money than last year mainly due to refreshments and donations.

    The Committee were elected en bloc.

    After a few questions the AGM was declared over by Norman who introduce the Speaker for the evening, Garry Egerton.

    2014 AGM
    Speaker Garry Egerton.

    He said he was going to speak about the House of Commons which is really in the Palace of Westminster.

    2014 AGM
    Palace of Westminster

    Garry said he was an ex Metropolitan Policeman who was employed at the Palace of Westminster on Protection Duties for many years.   He had a very good voice and enthralled the audience with many stories about the House of Lords and Commons.

    2014 AGM
    Inside the Palace of Westminster

    One story he told was that in the House of Commons there is a red painted band on each side of the house which Members are not supposed to cross - if they do the House shouts "Toe the Line" - which gives the English Langauge a well known phrase.   It is also slightly more than two sword lengths apart - from times long ago!

    Garry finished off his excellent presentation by suggesting the Danbury Society should try and organise a trip to the Houses of Commons via their MP, Mr John Whitingdale, MBE.


    Norman then introduced Stuart Berlyn who wished to make a presentation on behalf of the residents of Danbury and in recognition of the 25 years of hard work Curt had undertaken for Danbury.

    2014 AGM
    Stuart Berlyn, Chairman of Danbury Parish Council.

    Stuart presented Curt with a commissioned painting by Mr Brown (no connection) of Eves Corner.
    In the 1970s the Danbury Society raised some £27,000 to pay for the removal of the many overhead Electric (and Telephone) poles and cables erected in the 1930s by the Londondon Electic Light and Power Company.

    2014 AGM
    Curt Brown holding the lovely painting presented by Danbury Parish Council.

    2014 AGM
    Bob Booker presenting Curt with a Tub of Flowers from the Danbury Society.

    The Committee organised a Cheese and Wine gathering fo Members to talk to the Committee and the new Chairman.   Mr Egerton joined Members and responded to questions during the social gathering.

    2014 AGM
    Cheese and Wine gathering (with nice Pate!).

    Thanks to all who staffed the Cheese and Wine Table - it was excellent.

    The evening concluded around 9.45pm.

    Carols Around the Christmas Tree at Eves Corner

    This will be a Wednesday in December 2014.

    The annual Carol Service around the Christmas Tree on the village green usually has a Silver Band to provide the music however this year Danbury may be using recorded Digital Music/Carols.   There will be powerful flood lights to help read the song sheets more easily since the power pillar was erected.

    Eves Corner Tree
    Eves Corner Tree in 2013.

    Afterwards, it is anticapated most of the gathering people will walk a short distance to the Hall by the Sports and Social Centre for hot drinks and mince pies served by a happy band of Helpers.

    For many years, the Danbury Society organised the Christmas Tree and associated works but since various Regulations came along amateur help is frowned on.   The Society would like to thank the Parish Council for taking on the task of providing the tree and to others who make the "Carols Around the Tree" so popular.

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