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21stMarch 2022 Amended this page to show the new Membership Form.
Gaining Membership of the Danbury Society is usually quite informal.   If you live in Danbury, just call our Distribution Officer, Chandra Pyne on 01245 223766 and give him your details.   You will get the next Newsletter delivered to your door by your local distributor who will collect your Annual Subscription of £2 from you.

Or if you prefer you can pay by Bank Transfer:
Sort Code:   20-19-95
Account Number:   90589632
Reference:   Please quote the first line of your address.

Alternatively, if you live outside the village you can become a Postal Member and have your Newsletter mailed to you.
In which case, please print off this form and send it with a Cheque* made out for £4 and made payable to - The Danbury Society to Mr Chandra Pyne at the address below.

JOINING FORM.   Please fill in using Block Capitals.     Date:

Forename or Initials:               Surname:
Telephone Number:
Postal Address:

Post Code:

For Postal Members please send this Form & Cheque* to: -
Mr Chandra Pyne,     Wicklow,     Southview Road,     Danbury,     CHELMSFORD.     CM3 4DX.

If you would like a receipt, please enclose a SAE.   Thank you.

* As a Postal Member you may wish to pay your Subscription by Bank Transfer - see our Bank details above.
Please give Chandra this Form as well and note on it you have paid by Bank Transfer.

Please Note:   The Danbury Society does not sell or otherwise disseminate any personal information about its Members.

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