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A Walk in Blake's Wood.

Walk taken on Tuesday, 21st April and updated on Tuesday, 28th April 2020.

Those who live in Danbury and Little Baddow can, at this time of the year, walk to Blake's Wood, Riffams Lane in Little Baddow to enjoy the Bluebells.
It should be pointed out that there are only a few seats so a Shooting Stick is something to be considered as well as a walking stick or German style walking sticks because many of the paths are covered in tree roots.

After the lovely 12mm (1/2") or so of rain on Tuesday, 28th April 2020 all of the paths in Blakes Wood may be slippery - please take care.   The rain will, however fill out the bluebells more.

April Walk
A Walk in Blakes Wood - typical footpath.
Photos by John Bowen.

April Walk
A smaller footpath.

April Walk
The Bluebells on one side of Blake's Wood follow the old Green Lane.
The Bluebells being planted in the wood up to the bank of the Green Lane.

April Walk
The Bluebells on one side of a path

April Walk
Another view of a carpet of Bluebells which were very good this year.

April Walk
A close up view - they are taller this year but still have a few weeks to go to maximum fullness.

April Walk
Another view - they can be seen in the distance.

April Walk
Both sides of the path.

April Walk
While walking under the trees, stop a while and look up.
It the Ash comes out before the Oak - we will have a Soak,
If the Oak comes out before the Ash - we will have a Splash.

This indicates Essex is in for another dry Summer!

Thank you for watching - don't forget to observe due Social Distancing.

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