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Daffodils in Spring 2004

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Road sign on A414

Road sign as you approach Danbury on the A414 from Chelmsford.
Most of these Daffodils were planted by the owners of St Clere's Hall, to the left.

Elm Green, picture taken 9 April
Daffodils planted 2001 & a later variety. The War Memorial was designed by Sir Reginald Broomfield, RA and is a similar pattern to those in Ypres, France. It was unveiled on 31 July, 1920.

Church Green, picture taken 9 April
Church Green looking towards Frettons. These were planted by Christopher Kingsley assisted by The Danbury Society.

Bank opposite Church & Hawes, picture taken 9 April
Bank opposite Church & Hawes, a local Estate Agent which now occupies the Old Post Office.
The bank is North facing and a late variety were planted in 1992 by the Late David Collins, Treasurer of the Danbury Society.

Bank opposite the Library
Bank opposite the Library.

Opposite the Dentist's
Opposite the Dentist's looking towards Eve's Corner.

Opposite the Dentist's looking towards Chelmsford
Opposite the Dentist's looking back towards Chelmsford.
Many of these were planted in 1993.

Spring daffodils opposite One Stop.
The Danbury Society planted the Cherry Tree in 1968.
The daffodils by the road sign were planted in 2000 and are wild from Wales. They are smaller than the domestic Daffodil.

Daffodils opposite One Stop, picture taken 9 April.
This photograph was taken 3 weeks after the one above.

Spring daffodils opposite One Stop - picture taken 9 April.
Close-up of the daffodils planted in 2003 to density of 25 per hole.

Flower Tub outside Hill House.
Flower Tub outside Hill House.

Copt hill
North facing bank in Copt Hill.

Flower lorry
Up to now you have been looking at daffodils planted, in general, by the Danbury Society. The Danbury flower shop has them delivered by this huge lorry from Holland.
Inside there is space for 2 persons to sleep & live.

Outside The Mission
These Daffodils were planted in 2002, some were promptly dug up by British Gas.

Planted around the road sign leading to a small development of houses.

Opposite Cherry Garden Lane
These Daffodils were planted by Len Kirby in 1999 opposite Cherry Garden Lane.

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